10 Good Documentaries On Netflix

If you’re like me you want to learn something while you’re being entertained. I usually listen to podcasts but sometimes I like to lounge on the couch and watch a little T.V. and the best thing to watch in my opinion is a good documentary. Here are 10 that I’ve recently watched and learned from.

Best Music Documentary On Netflix

10. Metallica Through the Never

One part live concert, one part surreal adventure. The focus of this is a live show put on in front of a giant crowd, complete with live songs and excellent pyrotechnics. At the same time there is a fictional back story involving a stage hand who is sent on a mission to find a package the band needs. Check out the preview below.

Best Money Documentary On Netflix

9. Freakonomics

Think differently about money. Think differently about everything. Think like a freak.

University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt and New York Times journalist Stephen J.Dubner show you how to change the way you think in this great documentary about money, life, everything. Check the trailer below.

Best Science Documentary On Netflix

8. Cosmos a Spacetime Odyssey 

Hosted by everyone’s favorite scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, this is a series that could be considered a sequel to the old Cosmos series.

7. Video Games: The Movie

This documentary takes a look at the video gaming industry. From the early days of Atara and the NES to next gen systems. Taken from the point of view of gamers, developers, and publishers, this tells the story of how games are made and marketed and how all the parties involved interact with each other. An excellent nostalgic trip for 30-year-old children like myself.

6. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

I confess. I don’t really like sushi. Maybe if I had Jiro’s sushi I would though. Even though I don’t like nor care about sushi I love this movie. It’s about being the best you can be and loving it. Excellent and inspirational.

5. Restrepo and 4. Korengal

How terrifying is the war on terror?

Telling the tale of modern war. Restrepo looks at the horrors of the battlefield while Korengal visits the horrors of the mind. Can the simple act of waiting for days on end be so bad that a firefight is welcomed? Watch and find out. Korengal trailer below.

3. 30 for 30: Broke

Famed director Billy Corben takes a look at the reality of life after retirement for pro athletes. To the average person it seems like a million dollars would last a lifetime. Does a pile of money trump better judgement?

Sadly in the case of many it does, and the money is gone shortly after retirement.

2. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 2

Average guy, Joe Cross, introduces the concept of juicing to the world. I thought some of his ideas were a little extreme for my liking but the content was amazing. An incredibly eye opening look at what we eat, how the body reacts, and what hunger really is. Part 2 incorporates the need for connectivity to push us towards our goals.

1. Blackfish

Perhaps the most thought provoking “nature” documentary I have ever read. I’ve always had mixed feeling about zoos and Sea World type parks, but this cemented my thoughts. Even if you aren’t that passionate about animals or sea creatures specifically I challenge you not to be moved by this film.

Starting with the death of a park worker this documentary explores the captivity that killer whales must endure, for our pleasure.

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