Nexus 10 Charging Time And Battery Life

Everywhere I look, whether it be forums or articles, nobody seems to be quite sure how long it takes, or should take, to charge a Nexus 10 battery. Likewise, there are many conflicting reports on the battery life as well. One thing everyone can agree on is that it takes a long damn time to charge this 10 inch tablet. I’ve seen some claim it took them 12 hours or more, while others, myself included, have seen times much lower. What gives?

The first thing to be aware of is that not all USB chargers are the same. You should be sure you are using the stock charger or another charger of equivalent power(2 amps). I personally have had the best luck with my Note2 Charger as far as USB chargers go, but nothing can beat the Pogo Charger for the best charging times.

Here is some data I’ve compiled.

Nexus 10 Charging Time

I first noticed that all chargers were not created equally when I used my old laptop usb port to charge my Nexus, it took FOREVER. I also noticed that chargers for other tablets, mp3 players, etc. all seemed to work differently. That’s when I learned that to charge a newer tablet effectively you need to use a 2 AMP charger.

charging time graph

As you can see. Pogo rules them all. 1 AMP chargers will leave you frustrated

As you can see, the Pogo charger charges about 20% faster from 0 – 90%, although that last 10% is a bitch for all of them. You will note the stock charger actually performs a little worse than my Note2 charger. In theory they should be the same, I would assume the culprit was likely a cable issue causing an inefficient connection.

Why does the Pogo charger work better? Well 1 theory is that a USB port is locked down to 1.8 amps where the pogo could put that last .2 to use. Another theory is it simply gets a better connection. Either way, it’s very impressive, both in design(snaps right on magnetically, works even if you flip it!!!!111!!!), and operation.

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Nexus 10 Battery Life

One other thing I’ve noticed is people claim to have wildly different battery life on this thing. I get anywhere between 5 and 10 hours depending on my activity.

Here is a little graph I made that shows MY experience with the Nexus 10. Brightness was set to low unless otherwise noted.

graph of nexus 10 battery life

As you can see brightness plays a large factor in battery life. Also having things running in the background will greatly affect how long your battery will last. I once noticed my battery was draining in only 5 or so hours while doing almost nothing. This was because my son (he’s 4 now) went nuts downloading apps, and many of them were the sketchy kind that constantly pop up adds even when the programs are closed(closed). Spam, virus, whatever you want to call them, these will destroy your battery life. Remove them, or even better do a factory reset, to get your tablet running at peak efficiency.

I hope my experiences have helped someone out there.

Thanks for reading.


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