Best Action Movies On Netflix

The Best Action Movies On Netflix All Have EXPLOSIONS!

Best Action Movies On Netflix

Kakow! When I think action movies I think 3 things.

  • Explosions
  • Guns
  • Kung-Fu


If a movie has none of these, it needs to stop pretending to be an action movie, because it isn’t.

However lots of movies have all of these things and still suck. So what is a person to do?

How about, read my list of best action movies on Netflix so you’re prepared next time you want to witness an awesome explosion.

Lone Wolf McQuade

He Works Alone – Chuck Norris in the Expendables 2

  [title size=2]Best “Old School” action movies on Netflix[/title]

Ahhh,  a single man taking down dozens, even hundred of enemies. Explosions everywhere, improbabilities abound. This is what a classic action movie is all about.

Luckily Netflix is teaming with badass movies. The best action movie on Netflix title is taken by Expendables 2, and it superbly follows the script of “old school” action movies. Expendables 2 is the epitome if the American action genre. This  is like an orgy of all the action action stars we grew up with along with all the awesome cliches we remember. Stallone teams up with a slew of 90’s super stars with a few splashes of relative youth sprinkled in. Sadly the first in the series is no longer on Netflix but really if you’ve seen the action movies of the last 2 decades you’ve already seen enough to know the story.

Also don’t forget to check out some of the other great action movies on Netflix.

Terminator 2

The One



Killer Elite

Lone Wolf McQuade

best action movie on netflix - black hawk down



[title size=2]Best War Action Movies On Netflix[/title]

Good guys vs the bad. Soldiers standing up for freedom saving the world from violence by using the most violent means possible.

Bombs Away

There are lots of good war movies to choose from. My personal favorite is Black Hawk Down. It’s not as over the top as some, but it still has its share of awesome moments. From amazing explosions to emotional tear jerking scenes. Definitely worth watching. Another top action packed movie is Apocalypse Now. It isn’t what you would expect from a war movie, it’s so so much more.

one of the best war movies on netflix

Yeah, not what I expected either.

These other war/action flicks are worth a look as well.

Act of Valor

We Were Soldiers



Saint’s and Soldiers

little big soldier - best kung-fu action movie on netflix

Jackie Chan Kills With The Kung-Fu And The Laughs

[title size=2]Best Kung-Fu Action Movies On Netflix[/title]

Kung-Fu could easily be it’s very own category but you can hardly have a list of the best action movies on Netflix without mentioning some kick-ass Kung-Fu

Little Big Soldier is my favorite on this list. It could really be considered more of a comedy than a kung-fu film but it is AWESOME none the less. True Legend is very arguably a better action film and I would recommend that first if you just want to see some insane fight scenes, but Little Big Soldier has the action as well.

Check out these other Kung-Fu action movies on Netflix

The Good, The Bad, The Weird


Ong Bak

adventure best action movie on netflix

Before He Was Using A Specific Set Of Skills Liam Neeson Was Threatening Pretty Englishmen

[title size=2]Best Adventure Action Movies On Netflix[/title]

Everyone likes a little sword fighting action now and then and Netflix has some good selections.

My personal best would be Rob Roy. It certainly isn’t as flashy or as well known as Braveheart which most would argue is better, but it still delivers. The storyline is very similar in both cases really, perhaps Rob Roy is just a little less exaggerated.

Check Out These Other Great Adventures As Well

In the Name of the King


Man in the Iron Mask

Erik the Viking


Best superhero action movie on netflix

I Hope You Didn’t Forget About Us

[title size=2]Best Superhero Action Movies On Netflix[/title]

Ahhhh yes. Super Heroes. Everyone loves super heroes.

The Avengers is to supero hero flicks as Expendables 2 is to old school action movies. It combines the lead characters from The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor into one giant awesome-fest.

Other Great Superhero Movies To See

Captain America



Also check out these other good guys vs bad guys action flicks

48 Hours

Another 48 Hours



So do you disagree with my list of the best action movies on Netflix? If so, let me know.

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